The California Medical Detachment Website Has Moved to TRICARE!

CALMED's website address:
will be offline and no longer accessible in the future. Please make sure to make a note before that happens.

Our new address is:
Click the above link to proceed to Madigan's new site.

The site is moving, in an effort by DHA, to standardize the look and feel of all military healthcare websites. All military healthcare sites will be moving to the domain in a phased approach.

Please make sure to update your bookmarks with the new address. This is a new site using a new template, so old URL's will not work.

If your site has any links to our site you will need to update those links before the this site goes away.

As we have no control over the search engines, they may still have links to the old site. These should eventually clear out and only have links to the new site in the future.